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Data Sheet - 100400 Mini Air Data Boom

Small Size and Low Mass for Small Aircraft and UAV Applications

Summary Features

  1. Small Size, Low Mass
  2. Provides Non-Deiced Total Pressure, Static Pressure, Angle of Attack, and Angle of Sideslip
  3. Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction
  4. -65° to 257° F (-54° to 125° C) Operating Temperature Range
  5. Long Life: 100 Million Vane Sensor Shaft Revolutions
  6. 360° Free Mechanical Rotation
  7. Suitable for UAV, Drone, RPV, General Aviation, Academia, Automotive, Rail, And Racing Applications
100400 mini air data boom for pitot, pitot-static, angle of attack, and angle of sideslip measurement


Item Value
Vane Sensor Type conductive plastic, voltage divider (other options available)
Vane Sensor Resistance 1500 ohms ±15%
Vane Sensor Independent Linearity ±5% max per VRCI-P-100A
Vane Sensor Electrical Travel 60° min (other options available)
Vane Sensor Mechanical Travel 360° continuous
Vane Sensor Power Rating at 70° C 0.5 Watt min
Vane Sensor Output Signal analog signal from 0 to supply voltage
Vane Sensor Supply Current 12 mA max
Vane Sensor Supply Voltage 35 VDC max
Vane Sensor Output Smoothness 0.1% max
Vane Sensor Insulation Resistance 1 Gohms at 500 VAC min
Vane Sensor Dielectric Strength 1000 VDC min
Vane Sensor Resolution infinite signal
Vane Sensor Electrical Connection flying leads (3-conductor, 30 AWG Teflon-insulated, 48-in (1219-mm) min length from end of air data boom body, 0.08 (2.03) nominal diameter
Vane Sensor Electrical Cable Diameter, Material 0.10 in (2.5 mm) nominal diameter, Thermo-Fit shrink tube outer jacket, black color
Vane Sensor Temperature Coefficient ±400 ppm/°C max
Vane Sensor Mechanical Life 100 million shaft revolutions min
Total/Static (Pitot/Static) Type non-deiced (unheated)
Total Pressure Tube Connection 0.090 in OD x 0.055 ID (2.29 mm OD x 1.40 mm ID) clear Nylon tube, 15 in (381 mm) min exposed from end of air data boom
Static Pressure Tube Connection 0.090 in OD x 0.055 ID (2.29 mm OD x 1.40 mm ID) clear Nylon tube, 15 in (381 mm) min exposed from end of air data boom
Operating Temperature -65° to 257° F (-54° to 125° C)
Nominal Mass 6 oz (170 g)

Electrical Connection

Electrical Termination Wire Color
input, V+
output, signal, S+
ground, common, V-, S-

Part Numbers

Part Number Description
100400 mini air data boom

Drawings and Solid Models

100400 dimensioned drawing

100400 • solid model (ACIS format)

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All dimensions are REFERENCE and are in inches [mm] • Document number: S002C(040105)

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