Perform Multi-Dimensional Displacement Sensing Within 10 Minutes
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Space Sensor: 3D Sensing with Ease and Affordability
SpaceSensor mounting examples


SpaceAge Control's compact SpaceSensor 3D displacement sensor uses a retractable displacement cable to measure 3-dimensional coordinates, distances, and angles over a 13-foot (3.96 m) radius (longer radii are optionally available). With the Space Sensor 3D displacement sensor, expensive, cumbersome, or immobile fixtures and mounts are a thing of the past.

Designed for OEM applications in quantities of 10 ore more, raw sensing is performed using a patented 2-axis gimbal head with three high-resolution encoders as inputs into a powerful microcontroller-based signal conditioner. Repeatability is better than 0.05% of the operating radius.

Drawing views of 3D displacement sensor
SpaceSensor 3D displacement sensor photo


  • ease of use: less than 10 minutes of self-training required
  • simplicity of setup: place it, power it, and measure
  • affordable price
  • multiple ranges: 1 foot to 50 feet (2.54 m to 15.24 m) or more


  • 6DOF actuation platform sensors (Stewart platforms and similar)
  • aircraft refueling
  • aircraft repair documentation
  • aircraft skin waviness measurement
  • animation data acquisition
  • box / package / crate dimensional measuring
  • corrosion initiation and growth monitoring
  • earthquake measurement
  • electric train / bus sensor for "contact arms"
  • flight simulator sensors
  • helicopter hover sensing
  • house inspection: final checkout and post-event (earthquake, hurricane, etc.)
  • human body measurement: medical studies, chiropractic, human performance
  • macro-accuracy CMM (coordinate measurement machine)
  • ship and aircraft (flightway) docking monitoring
  • space vehicle docking
  • space vehicle tethering and manipulation feedback
  • sports performance data acquisition
  • vehicle accident investigation/documentation
  • wheel monitoring
  • wing morphing (flight controls)


  • Aerospace: simulation, repair, maintenance, and retrofit
  • Automotive: models, prototypes
  • Casting and Moldmaking: pre-cast molding, composite tooling
  • Consumer Goods
  • Forensics & Accident Research
  • Furniture
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Medical Systems
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Tool and Die: master molds, tool setup

Application Types

  • feedback to control > Space Sensor
  • feedback for data acquisition > Space Digitizer
  • handheld using wireless primarily for data acquisition > Space CMM Lite

History of SpaceAge Control's Integrated 3D Displacement Sensing

  • helicopter hovering: Bell Helicopter and NASA
  • 3D cable-motion-tracking (SpaceAge Control RoundAbout (patented))
  • 2D sensing using cable-based position transducer and linear encoder
  • gantry-type 3D sensing using 3X 1D displacement sensors
3D cable-actuated helicopter hover sensor circa 1987

SpaceAge Control 3D cable-actuated helicopter hover sensor circa 1987.


3D displacement sensor data sheet

Specifications - Mechanical

  • Mass: 5 pounds (2.27 kg) maximum

Specifications - Electrical

  • 100 to 240 VAC or battery
  • Multiple user interface options are available:
    • Position data communicated directly to a PC via RS232, USB, or wireless Bluetooth connection.
    • CANbus digital communications available standard.
    • Optional LCD display and push-button control panel (integral with sensor) for control and feedback without the PC link.
    • SpaceTrack software provides numeric and graphical feedback with data collection utilities.
    • For OEM customers, the sensor can be provided with only raw encoder data output for lowest cost.

Specifications - Environmental

Storage Temperature-40 to +257 ° F (-40 to +125 ° C)
Operating Temperature32 to 176 ° F (0 to +80 ° C)
Shock20 g for 6 ms
Vibration5 to 500 Hz, 10 g peak amplitude
Maximum Displacement Cable Acceleration (all axes)± 5 g


Part NumberDescription
4545-01sensor with encoders (OEM only (10 unit minimum order quantity)
4545-024345-01 with microcontroller, software, and RS-232/USB
4545-034345-02 with Bluetooth module
4545-044345-02 with LCD display and push-button panel
4545-054345-03 with LCD display and push-button panel
4545-064345-02 with Sony PDA and software API


  • Standard
    • user manual
    • RS-232 to USB adapter
    • shipping / storage case
  • Optional
    • vehicle power adapter
    • cradle with handle
    • mobile tripod
    • wrist lanyard
    • storage and transportation container
    • halo to keep out of "no man's land" (avoid gimbal lock)
    • magnetic mounting base
    • probe tip kit
    • LED worklight
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