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News Release: 3D Displacement Sensor
SpaceSensor© 3D displacement sensor predecessor to the SpaceSensor©

The SpaceSensor© (left) has a 40-year cable-based sensor heritage. The 3D hover sensor was developed in the 1980s to monitor helicopter hover dynamics (high-resolution graphic).

Engineers Reduce Design Time with SpaceSensor© 3D Displacement Sensor

New cable-actuated displacement sensor gives 3D coordinates from compact housing.

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA USA -- Engineers needing 3D motion data have less to worry about with the new SpaceSensor© 3D displacement sensor from SpaceAge Control. The SpaceSensor© solves the problem of how to affordably monitor 3D motion when a contact sensor is required.

Engineers can monitor three dimensions of movement today via 3 separate sensors. However, such an arrangement can be unweidly, expensive, and prone to significant system integration expense. The SpaceSensor© provides an out-of-the-box 3D displacement sensor that takes less than 10 minutes to install.

Preliminary applications for the SpaceSensor© include:

  • vehicle accident investigation/documentation
  • aircraft and ship docking monitoring
  • aircraft refueling
  • earthquake measurement
  • flight simulator sensors
  • 6DOF actuation platform sensors (Stewart platforms and similar)
  • box / package / crate dimensional measuring
  • aircraft repair documentation
  • corrosion initiation and growth monitoring

"The SpaceSensor© lets the design team focus on systems integration," said Miller Keith, Operations at SpaceAge Control. "By giving designers 3D motion tracking capability in a contact sensor, time-to-market is improved and the application achieves its sensing objectives with a lower mass, lower power draw, and lower installed cost."

Key SpaceSensor© features include:

  • fast setup in less than 10 minutes
  • variety of interfacing options to include RS-232, USB, Bluetooth, software API, and front panel LED
  • application-specific accessories such as mobile tripods and wrist lanyard to reduce fixturing and increase ease of use
  • affordable price relative to 1D, 2D, and 3D alternatives on the market

The SpaceSensor© is the first in a series of new 3D displacement sensing solutions available from SpaceAge Control. Other products include the Space Digitizer and Space CMMLite.

Established in 1968, SpaceAge Control is an ISO9001:2000/AS9100B-compliant company leading the displacement and air data sensing industries with stock and engineered-to-order products. Located in Palmdale, California USA, SpaceAge Control's high-precision and durable products are used by over 200 companies spanning the globe including aircraft manufacturers, racing teams, vehicle manufacturers, and motion control-oriented OEMs.

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  • High-Resolution Image A (jpg)
    • Photo caption is "The SpaceSensor© 3D displacement sensor gives engineers an easy way to monitor motion that occurs on 3 axes.".
  • High-Resolution Image B (jpg)
    • Photo caption is "Range, elevation, and azimuth are the outputs from the SpaceSensor©'."
  • High-Resolution Image C (jpg)
    • Photo caption is "The SpaceSensor©'s heritage includes a hover sensor developed in the 1980s used for helicopter flight test that provides 3 dimensional data.".
  • Data Sheet (pdf)

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