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Position Transducer Performance Survey

Do you use or specify position transducers? If so, we want your opinion on position transducer performance.

If you qualify, we will send you a high-quality SpaceAge Control beverage cup and provide you with a summary of the survey results.

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Do you use or specify position transducers? Yes No
What position transducer brands do you use?
Are you satisfied with your position transducer performance? Yes No

Contact/Non-Contact Contact Non-Contact
Type Absolute Incremental Proximity (Threshold)
Motion Linear Rotary
Typical Measurement Range Less Than 1 Inch Between 1 Inch and 30 Inches Greater Than 30 Inches
Typical Repeatability in mm
Frequency Response Less Than 5 Hz Between 5 and 50 Hz Greater Than 50 Hz
Electrical Output Voltage Current Digital Sensor Bus Visual
Environmental Protection Humidity Vibration Moisture Corrosion Temperature
Lifetime Cycles or Hours of Operation

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