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Web-Based Position Transducer Calculators

News Release

Assist In Conversions And Performance Predictions

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA USA - A set of easy-to-use, Web-based calculators is now available at SpaceAge Control's Web site (https://www.spaceagecontrol.com). The calculators allow engineers, technicians, and researchers to see how changes in acceleration, temperature, and gravity affect position transducer performance. The calculators can also be used by physics, math, and engineering teachers and students as practical tools to demonstrate the effects of changing physical conditions. Three calculators are now offered:

  • Sinusoidal Motion Calculator (https://www.spaceagecontrol.com/calcsinm.htm) - Users can translate between the variables of displacement, velocity, frequency, and acceleration for sinusoidal motion. Knowing any two of the four variables allows for the calculation of any of the remaining two variables. The calculator is also useful in determining the frequency response of SpaceAge Control's position transducers.
  • Thermal Effect Calculator (https://www.spaceagecontrol.com/calctemp.htm) - This calculator shows the effects of changes in temperature upon the length of the material. Knowing the material length, material coefficient of thermal expansion, and change in temperature, the calculator determines the change in length. The calculator is also useful in showing the generally negligible effect of temperature changes on SpaceAge Control cable-actuated position transducers.
  • Cable Sag Calculator (https://www.spaceagecontrol.com/calccabl.htm) - A catenary curve describes the shape a cable takes when subjected to a uniform force such as gravity. This calculator gives the length of the cable and the amount of cable sag based on the straightline distance, the force of gravity, the cable tension, and the cable unit mass. The calculator is also useful in showing the generally negligible effect of cable sag error on SpaceAge Control cable-actuated position transducers

All calculators offer a choice between Imperial and SI units. The calculators were developed using the PHP scripting language, providing low overhead and fast performance. Source code is available upon request.

SpaceAge Control has produced miniature, all-environment position transducers for over 30 years for applications ranging from the International Space Station to next generation military fighters to Formula 1 racing cars. The company may be reached at 661-273-3000 (fax: 661-273-4240, email@spaceagecontrol.com, https://www.spaceagecontrol.com). The company operates under an ISO 9001-compliant quality system.

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