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Here are sensor, transducer, and instrumentation-related sites you may find useful.

International Representatives Raytheon Systems Company Australia Australia
Signalworks Brazil
Dalimar Instruments Inc. Canada
Alvetec AB Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden
AllianTech SAS France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg
Electronic & Mechanic Power Parts Germany
A.O. Electronics Israel
DSPM Industria s.r.l. Italy
Pacific Technology Corporation Japan
Hankook BEP Co., Ltd. Korea
Mandeno Electronic Equipment Limited New Zealand
Kenda Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Phillipines
Alava Ingenieros, S.A. Spain
MRA Instrumenta‡ao Portugal
Feteris Components B.V. The Netherlands
Pro-Plan Ltd. Turkey
Bruel and Kjaer UK Ltd. United Kingdom

Industry Organizations Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association a focal point for manufacturers or other organisations wishing to develop or supply systems and services to conduct or support UAV operations in the UK
SkyControl Aviation & Aerospace News the international magazine which is byword for innovation, daring, creativity, growth, and passion
Dan Raymer's Aircraft Design & RDS Site aircraft design information, books, courses, and links
International Test Pilots School Europe's only independent flight test school
ISA Connecting People and Ideas in Automation + Control
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
Society of Flight Test Engineers
Society of Experimental Test Pilots
International Test & Evaluation Association
National Test Pilot School
The Aviation Home Page
Equipment Reliability Institute specialized engineering school with focus on vibration and shock measurement and testing)
AirlineSafety.Com promotes free-market/limited government solutions to airline safety issues

Transducer and Sensor Information Sensors Buyer's Guide
Engineer's Edge
Byrne's EE Hot Links

Flight Test Baker Aviation Aircraft certification flight test consulting services specializing in performance and handling qualities flight test evaluations and airworthiness approvals of modified and special missions aircraft.

Instrumentation Sources Dataq Instruments portable data acquisition and instrumentation products and services
Buck Research Insruments manufacturer of chilled mirror hygrometer and laser humidity sensors
Wengl designer and manufacturer of electronic exercise equipment
MorHEAT manufactures MPI melt pressure products and MPI temperature controls
Optronic Laboratories manufactures converting equipment for a variety of industries; a designer and builder of custom equipment solutions for general manufacturing productivity
Accurate Automation developer of LoFLYTE hypersonic testbed
Pinnacle Converting Equipment, Inc. Design and manufacture light measurement systems that provide accurate, repeatable measurements in the UV-VIS-NIR-IR wavelength ranges for research, academia, industry and the military.
EME Corporation manufacturer of advanced real-time data acquisition systems used in the crash test safety field
Sensors Research Consulting, Inc. scientific consulting, new sensor product development, R&D and new applications projects in physical sensors and physical measurements; located in Basking Ridge, New Jersey USA
AMTI manufactures multi-axis force transducers, test machines, motion control instruments
Applied Motion Systems, Inc. motion solutions for the manufacturing environment
West Coast Research Corporation manufacture transducers, strain gage technology, and other monitoring/control devices
Carco (Australia) P/L refrigerator freezer adaptive demand controls; automotive windshield rain, frost, snow, ice, moisture, ambient light sensors; aircraft wing ice detectors
Thermometrics Corporation American, European, Japanese, and MIL-STD thermal coefficient resistors; contract manufacturing and assembly for OEMs
Sensor Products Inc. authorized supplier of Fuji Prescale film/Pressurex nip impression film and electronic pressure measuring systems
Pressroom Electronics, Inc. manufacturer of resolver and rotary cam-based punch press automation controls for compliance with OSHA standards
Gordo Sales, Inc. temperature sensors, T/C's, RTD's, wire, and accessories
Rel-Tek Corp. gas monitoring systems, sensors, telemetry, PC-based software, data logging, automatic calibration, lightning protection, networking
F.W. Bell - A Sypris Company manufacturer of gaussmeters, hall generators, and current sensors
Dewetron Inc. portable and rugged data acquisition systems, signal conditioning, and software
Anter Corporation thermophysical properties measuring instruments and testing services; dilatometers for thermal expansion, thermal conductivity meters, and thermal diffusivity systems
Lynn Electronics Corporation 450 CNC controls for laser cutters, water jet cutters, EDM, mills, lathes, robotic palletizers, glass cutting, cloth cutting, quilting, glue laying, stone cutting, foam cutting machines, and "flying cut to length"
Vital Information Publications sensors and manufacturing automation market research and consulting, marketing, and business development
Concept Engineering heat sensors and thermal radiometers
T R I test instrumentation and sensors
Dover Flexo Electronics tension measurement and control equipment for continuous web processes; automatic tension controllers; tension amplifiers, indicators, and meters; tension-sensing transducers; pneumatic brakes
Dynamic Technology, Inc. one of the largest and fastest growing metrology labs in the country; A2LA accredited
Thunder Scientific Corporation the world's leading manufacturer of humidity generators and humidity calibration equipment
NovaLynx Corporation weather monitoring instruments and systems
Kohlman Systems Research aircraft flight test services
Commtest Instruments data acquisition and instrumentation products and software
Digicont manufacturer of process control instruments (alarm annunciators, digital temperature indicators/scanners, process indicators, timers, counters, and power supplies
Logic Beach Inc. portable and remote site battery or grid powered, data logging and alarming systems; low power, modular design supports most sensor types and applications
Wilcoxon Research vibration instrumentation including accelerometers, sensors, shakers, junction boxes, cabling, and connectors
Automotive Consulting Group, Inc. an industry-focused management consulting firm providing strategic business, market, and technology planning services to the worldwide automotive industry
NU Laboratories complete military and commercial testing services
Real Time Devices USA embedded CPU & DAS board-level products, and high-reliability ISA, PCI, PC/104, and PC/104-Plus modules and systems
IOtech portable data acquisition systems, IEEE products, and signal conditioning options for a variety of testing applications
Brüel & Kjær solutions for multi-channel analysis for production test, modal analysis, structural analysis, materials testing, sound quality, quality control, noise source location, acoustic holography, and many more
HBM manufacturer of transducers and measurement systems for torque, force, displacement, pressure and strain. Complete system solutions feature sensors, measuring amplifiers and data acquisition software
Motion Video Products support products for high-speed video applications (motion analyzers)
SoMat Corporation portable data acquisition systems and software tools for field and lab data analysis
Technology Training Initiative provides training in engineering applications not found at conventional educational institutions
Analog and Digital Peripherals, Inc. SBC's, c-engines, and peripherals for data acquisition, test and measurement, SCADA, and process control
Automatic Timing and Controls manufacturer of industrial timers, counters, photoelectric sensors, digital panel meters, industrial printers, lvdt's, tachometers, and motor protection devices
DJ Instruments piezoresistive strain gage transducers and sensor systems for OEM applications; products include transducers that measure pressure, load, force, weight and torque
Lixi, Inc. real-time x-ray for imaging and mass quantification (gauging); instruments are portable and on-line mounted
Stedham Electronics Corporation standard and custom capacitive proximity sensors
Sensor Scientific, Inc. NTC thermistors for temperature probe, radiosonde, and hot wire anemometer applications
Ocean Optics, Inc. miniature modular fiber optic spectrometers and accessories for thousands of optical-sensing systems
Aeroseek aviation search engine and directory
Global Water submersible pressure transducers, dataloggers, samplers, and weather instrumentation for environmental monitoring
Neff Instrument Corp. multifunction, high performance data acquisition systems low as $60 per channel; ADC per channel and multiplexed systems include signal conditioning.

Safety and Impact Testing Bouche Labs accelerometers, calibration services, and automated calibration systems
ETD h-point manikins and ATDs
Calspan SRL Corporation crash and automotive testing facilities and services
Crash Network crash testing reference and source site
CVC HYGE crash simulation systems design, engineering, and installation
Denton ATD, Inc. crash test dummies and related components and equipment
Robert A. Denton, Inc. multi-channel load cells for force and moment measurement
Diversified Technical Systems, Inc. data acquisition and instrumentation systems for vehicle test
Endevco Corporation sensors and systems for dynamic vibration, shock, and pressure
First Technology sensing, measuring, and safety testing products and services
Messring Systembau MSG GmbH turnkey impact simulation systems and components
MGA Research Corporation independent, full-service company specializing in automotive safety
Progressive Engineering Inc. RV and construction industry engineering, analysis, and analysis of structures
The Motor Industry Research Association independent vehicle development and validation center
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration U.S. Government traffic safety organization
Nevada Automotive Test Center independent research, development, test, and engineering facility for vehicles
Prosig USA Inc. data acquisition systems for in-vehicle and off-vehicle applications
TNO Road-Vehicles Research Institute contract research and development work for the automotive industry
Transportation Research Center, Inc. vehicular testing for R&D and certification
Visual Instrumentation Corporation high-speed film and video cameras and services
Wayne State University research for the reduction of highway fatalities and injuries
WorldSID worldwide harmonized side impact crash test dummy

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