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Customer Testimonials

American Boa

Position transducers are virtually indestructible. Sensors still function linearly - even after fire damage and bouncing off the pavement - you're the best!


Chance meeting via Google search and my project turned out wonderfully. Friendly staff and caters to all, not just big clients.

Auto Manufacturer

Over the past year, using your D60-090 [product], we have measured more than 70 steering gears from 10 different manufacturers, and can now discriminate between the great and the not-so-great mechanisms. I have been recommending your encoders to my coworkers whenever I can.

BOC Pharmaceutical Corporation

I dug to see if I could find something wrong with SpaceAge Control - couldn't find anything - their product and professionalism is the best there is.


Prompt and very helpful service. We were really in a pinch for an actuator feedback solution. Not only did you get the parts to us within a day, but you also stayed within our shoestring budget - we will definitely be doing business with you in the future.

Boeing Flight Test

They worked great and lasted a long time on the B-1B program. In fact they still use them on all of the rotary and 10-carry launchers to calculate the piston displacement and velocity.

Carleton University

Myself and the other project engineers are impressed with the transducers and their functionality.


Rapid response to urgent request.


Your responsiveness sets a high standard for others to try to achieve - very prompt, courteous, and helpful with quality products.

DRS Technologies

Great customer service, quality products, and competitive pricing.

Duke University Medical Center

I wish every company I deal with was at your level. Today, it is very rare. Keep up the great work with the outstanding products. I would be proud to be associated with your company.

duPont Aerospace

Excellent applications and sales support. It's nice to deal with a supplier who is responsible even for a small order.

Engineering Firm

The sensors are working fine -- we are getting data repeatability, no drag on the application for the flight data recorders. We were able to get FAA approval with the use of your reliable sensors - these are spec'd out in the STC and manuals.


You guys have some good stuff. I am sending these two position transducers back to you to be sure they are calibrated for a real long road test. We are using them to measure from the cab to the axle and from the back of the truck to the axle.

Instrument Technical Machinery

Friendly support and the Web site is very helpful. I was able to keep the design moving over the weekend thanks to the detailed technical information. Your components were mounted to a manual tool holder to verify position for a world-class automotive supplier.


I have high expectations, so meeting these means that I was quite pleased with your company and product.

Lancair Aircraft

Customer interface is fantastic. Your responsiveness and state-of-the-art position transducers helped us stay on a very tight critical schedule - thanks.

NASA Langley Research Center

The people go out of their way to satisfy the customer, way beyond any other company. SpaceAge Control is the best company I have ever dealt with and they have the state-of-the-art products.

NASCAR Race Team 01

Quality products, you get what you pay for!

NASCAR Race Team 02

We have been running the same units on our cars for the last 3 years without issue. They look kind of banged up but still work great.


Our customer was impressed just seeing them mounted in the vehicle. Your string pots worked great. If we ever need more, we will definitely use you.

Publicly-Held Corporation

As viewed by an old instrumentation engineer, the air data products are a thing of beauty. It is obviously built well and of the highest quality I expect from this outfit.

Raytheon Corporation

We did a system test in the lab with an LVDT and a SpaceAge Control sensor lined up parallel side-by-side on the shaker table. The SpaceAge Control sensor performed far superior to the LVDT in the lateral movement shock test. On the LVDT, we had problems with the ball joints and if not careful we bent the shaft. By far, we are getting better results with the SpaceAge Control sensor.

Scaled Composites

Incredible fast response. The entire staff at SpaceAge Control are to be commended. The amount of hustle to meet our AOG needs is incredible.

University of Hawaii (Seismic Bridge Instrumentation Program)

The position transducer is well designed. We especially like the adjustable bracket and RoundAbout™ cable guide. These options will save us a great deal of setup time for our application. Thanks for the wonderful evaluation program. I see why your company is willing to do what others are not -- the product sells itself.

University of Illinois

I've never seen any company show so much respect to their customer. Our requirements have been met and exceeded - received on time and a true piece of art - the position transducers - a precise instrument.

University of Massachusetts

Excellent products, real innovative. I really appreciate the service and products of SpaceAge Control.

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