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Data Sheet - 100486 Vane Assembly

Flexible Airflow Measurement for High-Performance Platforms

Summary Features

  1. Angle of Attack, Angle of Sideslip, and Other Airflow Measurements
  2. Proven Design Tested to Mach 2.5+
  3. Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction
  4. -65° to 257° F (-54° to 125° C) Operating Temperature Range
  5. Long Life: 100 Million Vane Sensor Shaft Revolutions
  6. 360° Free Mechanical Rotation
  7. Boom (100486) and Surface (100486-01) Mounting Options
  8. Suitable for Aerospace, Automotive, Wind Energy, and Research Applications
100486 and 100486-01 vane assemblies for airflow measurement


Item Value
100486 100486-01
Type conductive plastic, voltage divider (other options available)
Resistance 5000 ohms ±10% 5000 ohms ±10%
Independent Linearity ±0.5% max per VRCI-P-100A ±0.5% max per VRCI-P-100A
Electrical Travel °170° min (other options available) °170° min (other options available)
Mechanical Travel 360° continuous 360° continuous
Power Rating at 70° C 1.0 Watt min 1.0 Watt min
Output Signal analog signal from 0 to supply voltage
Supply Current 14 mA max
Supply Voltage 35 VDC max
Output Smoothness 0.1% max 0.1% max
Insulation Resistance 100 Mohms at 500 VDC min 100 Mohms at 500 VDC min
Dielectric Strength 1000 VDC min 1000 VDC min
Resolution infinite signal infinite signal
Electrical Connection two 4-wire (red, white, black, green) bundles
Electrical Termination flying leads (4-conductor, 22 AWG PTFE-insulated, 132-in (3353-mm) min length, 0.15 in (3.8 mm) nominal diameter, white color
Temperature Coefficient ±400 ppm/°C max ±400 ppm/°C max
Mechanical Life 100 million shaft revolutions min 100 million shaft revolutions min
Primary Materials stainless steel, aluminum
Operating Temperature -65° to 257° F (-54° to 125° C) -65° to 257° F (-54° to 125° C)
Nominal Mass 7 oz (188 g) 7 oz (188 g)

Electrical Connection

cable 1
section I
Electrical Termination Wire Color
input, V-
output, signal, S+
ground, common, V+
output ref, S- (center tap)
cable 2
section II
input, V-
output, signal, S+
ground, common, V+
output ref, S- (center tap)

Part Numbers

Part Number Description
100486 miniature vane assembly, 100400
100486-01 miniature vane assembly, thru-hole mount

Drawings and Solid Models

100486 dimensioned drawing

100486 (100400 mount) • solid model (ACIS format)

100486-01 dimensioned drawing

100486-01 (thru-hole mount) • solid model (ACIS format)

Part Number Description
100535 vane calibration fixture (only for use with 100486 mounted to a standard air data boom)
100571 vane cover (only for use with 100486 mounted to a standard air data boom)

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All dimensions are REFERENCE and are in inches [mm] • Document number: S002K(100406)

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