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Supplier Quality Self Survey (QFO-06-001-A)
logo for company that makes displacement sensors, string pots, and air data products (pitot static)

This survey assists SpaceAge Control in the evaluation, qualification, and classification of suppliers. Will you please complete this survey within 4 business days of the date of our request to you?

If you have any questions, please contact:

   John Gates  •  Quality Assurance
   SpaceAge Control, Inc.
   +1-661-206-6666 Ext. 106  •  +1-661-273-4240 (fax)

Tip: Use the Tab key to move field to field.

Company Name
Mailing Address
Postal/Zip Code
Web Site
Survey Completed by
General Manager Phone Fax E-Mail
Quality Assurance Manager Phone Fax E-Mail
Sales Contact Phone Fax E-Mail
Does your company maintain a documented quality system?

Yes No

If requested, may we obtain an uncontrolled copy of your quality manual for our records?

Yes No

Is your quality system based on:


Is your company's quality system:

compliant or certified: registration number

Does your quality system have a non-conformance processing and tracking capability?

Yes No

Does your quality system require document retention time periods?

Yes No

If you answered yes to the question above, what are the document retention time periods?

Are quality-related records and documents controlled?

Yes No

Are lot-specific material certifications and/or test reports shipped with your product?

Is there an extra charge for lot-specific material certifications and/or test reports?

Yes No

Do you provide a certificate of conformance with all shipments?

Yes No

Do you maintain a record of on-time delivery performance?

Yes No

If you do record your on-time delivery performance, what is your on-time delivery percentage for the last 180 days?

What, if any, is your standard re-stocking fee?


What special processes (brazing, polishing, anodizing, grinding, chemical conversion coating, etc.) do you perform or do you subcontract?

What is your policy for communicating to customers about shipment delays and quality issues?

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