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Maximizer Maintenance Script

Below is a rough script to work from for maintaining "bounced" (potentially invalid) e-mail messages that are generally from the PM&C newsletter announcement sent out periodically. What is a bounced e-mail message? A "bounced" e-mail is any e-mail that is returned because it could not be delivered. Some reasons for bounces are:

  • Wrong or invalid email address
  • Misspelled name
  • Temporary network or email server problems
  • Recipient's email box is full
  • Spam filter rejects or non-spam confirmation requests

This script may also be used for processing bad fax numbers and bad mailing addresses. Adjust it as required to fit the purpose.

You do not need to follow the scripts below precisely. We can finetune it as we go along. Make recommendations on what should be changed.

Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

  1. Determine what type of bounce is involved. If the mailbox was full or the server was down, mark the message "MF" (mailbox full) or "SD" (server down). For most other reasons, continue with this script.
  2. If the bounce is due to a spam filter reject or non-spam confirmation request, take action as explained in the bounce message or contact Information Systems if you are not sure what to do. Mark the message "SP" (spam).
  3. Look up the e-mail address in Maximizer.
  4. If the Maximizer record is for a student or a person with no organization, mark the SAC Group field as Ex-Prospect or Ex-Customer and unmark the Send Newsletter field as appropriate. Mark on the message "NO" (no organization).
  5. If the Maximizer record shows only an e-mail address and no phone, fax, and physical address, attempt to go to the organization's Web site (example: -> to get contact information to research the person's details. Otherwise, mark the SAC Group field as Ex-Prospect and unmark the Send Newsletter field as appropriate. Mark on the message "NC" (no contact information).
  6. For other messages, follow the script below.

Obtain the Correct E-Mail Address

If They Have A Phone Number . . .

  1. Call the phone number and state: "Hi, this is ___________ at SpaceAge Control. Is this __________ (person who e-mail was sent to)?
  2. If the person answers yes, state: "You signed up for the Position Measurement & Control e-mail newsletter and a recent issue bounced back to us. Is your e-mail address _____@____________? Get their correct e-mail address and enter it into Maximizer.
  3. If the person answering the phone is not the person in the Maximizer record, ask that person to confirm the e-mail address. If the person in the Maximizer record is no longer with the organization, ask if he has a forwarding e-mail address and the name of his replacement. Ask for the replacement person and see if they have an interest in getting the newsletter and the product literature. Mark on the message as "RR" (response received) if you are successful in reaching someone (even if the person is no longer at the company).
  4. If you are not successful in verifying the correct e-mail address for the person, leave the e-mail address "as is" and unmark the Send Newsletter field as appropriate.

If the person is in Europe, try to call from 6:30 am to 9:30 am. If the person is in Asia, try to call from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

If They Have No Phone Number But A Fax Number . . .

  1. Fax the person the S082F(NC) fax (in Maximizer). If no response after 7 days, unmark the Send Newsletter field as appropriate.
  2. If the fax is responded to, take the appropriate action such as updating Maximizer and mark on the message "RR" (response received).

If They Have No Phone Number and No Fax Number . . .

  1. Search the Web for their organization's phone (spend 10 minutes or less) and follow the appropriate subscript above if you can locate them. If the company is small, the company operator may know the person's new e-mail address.
  2. If you are not successful, give the message to the Marketing Associate for further investigation.


  1. Organize the results of the above into groups as appropriate, count each message, and note how many of each message type were processed.
  2. Complete the form below and give the form and source information to the Marketing Associate.
Marketing Item (SXXXY(ZZZZZZ) or description)__________________________
Start Date_______________
Finish Date_______________
Performed By__________
MF (mailbox full) count_____
SD (server down) count_____
SP (spam) count_____
NC (no contact information) count_____
NO (no organization) count_____
RR (response received) count_____

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