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Position Measurement & Control - February 2003 (S050K)
Sensor Total Cost of Ownership Preview Aerospace Testing Expo
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The Lifetime Cost Of A Sensor Or Transducer Involves More Than The Initial Cost For The Item Itself

As a Position Measurement & Control subscriber, we offer you a sneak preview of this publication that details the lifecycle costs for sensors and transducers.

As a part of our sneak preview, we are giving away a FREE SpaceAge Control baseball cap to the first 10 responses we receive with ideas for improving the white paper (deadline for responses: 28 February 2003).

Your ideas can be on anything: grammatical errors, new cost categories, calculator ideas -- anything that will improve the white paper.

To review the white paper and make comments, go to s054a.

Total senor lifetime costs can exceed the initial purchase price.

Total sensor lifetime costs can exceed the initial purchase price.


26-28 February 2003, Hamburg, Germany

SpaceAge Control will be exhibiting at Aerospace Testing Expo in Hamburg, Germany. We invite you to attend the show and to visit our booth (2075). We will be demonstrating the new Series C extended-range displacement sensors as well as the 100400, 100510, and 100800 air data products.

In addition, we will have a drawing for 4 copies of the 313-page NASA Publication 1046 (Measurement of Aircraft Airspeed and Altitude). Details are:

map of world where Aerospace Testing Expo is


The Wright Flyer Is Using The Right Stuff

On 17 December 2003, the world will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first flight. As a part of this celebration, replicas of the Wright Flyer are being built, tested, and flown. SpaceAge Control displacement sensors and air data products are being used on these replicas during these activities.

Readying the Wright Flyer for its first flight on December 14, 1903.

Readying the Wright Flyer for its first flight on December 14, 1903.

Example applications on board the Wright Flyer replicas include the 100400 mini air data boom with a mass of only 6 oz (170 g) and Series 160 displacement transducers used to measure the wing warp of the replica aircraft.

The AIAA 1903 Flyer Airplane

The AIAA 1903 Flyer Airplane

To learn more about the AIAA Wright Flyer replica, head to the AIAA Wright Flyer Project.


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