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11-Month Process

After 11 months of intensive implementation efforts, SpaceAge Control's quality system is now compliant with the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality standard. The company's quality system was previously compliant with Mil-Q-9858A, an obsoleted quality standard developed by the U.S. military and upon which ISO 9001 is based.

The implementation effort required development of 4 levels of quality documents: quality manual, operational procedures, work instructions, and forms. Reviews of the documentation and self-audits resulted in several documentation revisions and process changes.

To verify compliance, SpaceAge Control underwent two management reviews (most recently in September 1999), two complete internal audits, and three reviews of its quality system documentation.

Jeff Kempton, QA Manager/Mechanical Engineer at SpaceAge Control and ASQ-certified Lead Auditor mentioned, "Seeing a company go from brand-new quality documents to full compliance in 11 months is nothing short of amazing."

The motivation to achieve ISO 9001 compliance was due to a number of factors including changing quality standards, an antiquated paper-based quality system, and customer demand. Noting the benefits of the implementation effort, Thomas Anderson III, CEO at SpaceAge Control stated, "We began the process in response to a number of customer quality surveys inquiring about our ISO 9001 status. In the end, however, we were most successful due to our focus on achieving product consistency and continuous improvement."

For an uncontrolled copy of our Quality Manual (QM1-00-001), please contact us by phone (661-273-3000 Ext. 500), fax (661-273-4240), e-mail, or our Comments and Questions form.

SpaceAge Control Quality Policy

SpaceAge Control, Inc. will continuously improve its products to better satisfy the needs of its customers and will deliver to them, on time and every time, defect-free products and services.

Source: QM-00-001 (SpaceAge Control Quality Manual)

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