Attach:adpmain-100100.jpg Δ trailing cone attached to L-1011 aircraft (rendered image - not to scale)
100100 trailing cone trailing cone attached to L-1011 aircraft (rendered image - not to scale)

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100100 and 100101 Trailing Cones for RVSM Certification and Flight Test
Manufacturers, Avionics Firms, and Operators Can Measure Static Pressure Errors

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA USA -- SpaceAge Control announced the prototype manufacturing of its 100100 and 100101 trailing cone systems that allow users to conduct their own static system error calibrations. The trailing cones are the first static pressure calibration tool being made commercially available to aircraft manufacturers, avionics firms, and operators expressly for the task of RVSM (reduced vertical separation minimum) certification efforts.

Designed for use at airspeeds up to Mach 0.9+ and at temperatures of -54° C, the 100100 trailing cone gives users an easy way of calibrating the static pressure error of a pitot-static system. It does this by giving an accurate measurement of the ambient atmospheric pressure (static pressure). The trailing cone system consists of a cone that trails at least one fuselage length behind the aircraft via a high-strength pressure tube. Static pressure is measured forward of the cone by static ports. The cone stabilizes and aligns the ports relative to the freestream airflow. This design can also be used on aircraft that cannot use more complex systems.

Prior to the 100100 and 100101 trailing cones, users were required to produce their own trailing cones which involved a lot of trial and error and a number of "lost" trailing cones. This trial and error required expensive development and flight testing efforts. The product is available to ship with a 30-day lead time.

Why are trailing cones so popular in RVSM certification work? Primarily because the FAA and JAA specify them as one of several methods that can be used to perform a flight calibrations. The trailing cone method is the most cost-effective and easiest of the methods to perform. For more information on trailing cones and RVSM certification requirements, visit

The product is available direct from the factory (reqorder) or via a network of representatives (reps).

SpaceAge Control is a leader in the development of innovative air data products used in flight test, racing, and production aircraft. Its quality system is compliant with ISO 9001 and AS9000. The company was started in 1968 and is located in Palmdale, California USA.

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High-resolution photos are at s057-2.jpg and s057i.jpg. Photo caption is "The 100100 trailing cone provides an easy way of calibrating the static pressure error of a pitot-static system." Product data sheets are at s002b and s002b1.

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