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Here are sensor, transducer, and instrumentation-related sites you may find useful.

International Representatives Control Devices Australia
Signalworks Brazil
Dalimar Instruments Inc. Canada
Bruel and Kjaer Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden
AllianTech SAS France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg
Electronic & Mechanic Power Parts Germany
A.O. Electronics Israel
DSPM Industria s.r.l. Italy
Pacific Technology Corporation Japan
Hankook BEP Co., Ltd. Korea
Mandeno Electronic Equipment Limited New Zealand
Kenda Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Phillipines
Alava Ingenieros, S.A. Spain
MRA Instrumenta‡ao Portugal
Pro-Plan Ltd. Turkey
Bruel and Kjaer UK Ltd. United Kingdom

Industry Organizations Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems Association a focal point for manufacturers or other organisations wishing to develop or supply systems and services to conduct or support UAV operations in the UK
Dan Raymer's Aircraft Design & RDS Site aircraft design information, books, courses, and links
International Test Pilots School Europe's only independent flight test school
Society of Flight Test Engineers
Society of Experimental Test Pilots
International Test & Evaluation Association
National Test Pilot School
The Aviation Home Page
Equipment Reliability Institute specialized engineering school with focus on vibration and shock measurement and testing)

Instrumentation and Sensor Information Sensors Buyer's Guide
MicroPilot world's leading manufacturer of small autopilots for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and micro aerial vehicles (MAV). We serve a variety of clients in numerous markets around the world
Lixi, Inc. real-time x-ray for imaging and mass quantification (gauging); instruments are portable and on-line mounted
Stedham Electronics Corporation standard and custom capacitive proximity sensors
Sensor Scientific, Inc. NTC thermistors for temperature probe, radiosonde, and hot wire anemometer applications
Ocean Optics, Inc. miniature modular fiber optic spectrometers and accessories for thousands of optical-sensing systems
Aeroseek aviation search engine and directory
Global Water submersible pressure transducers, dataloggers, samplers, and weather instrumentation for environmental monitoring
Neff Instrument Corp. multifunction, high performance data acquisition systems low as $60 per channel; ADC per channel and multiplexed systems include signal conditioning.
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