This calculator provides the fundamental frequency of a cable (string) under tension.

Directions: Enter values into all cells in the Assumptions section and press Calculate.
T (cable tension) lbf
m (cable mass per unit length)
Value for 0.018-in (0.4572-mm) diameter displacement cable is 0.0005 lb/ft. Value for 0.027-in (0.6858-mm) diameter displacement cable is 0.0013 lb/ft.
L (cable length exposed (outside of the transducer)) in


f1 (fundamental frequency) Metric Units Version 18.09 Hz

What is the Purpose of This Calculator?

Draw wire transducers (also referred to as wire sensors and cable displacement transducers) are subject to the same laws of physics as musical instruments. As such, the cables on these sensors have fundamental frequencies that may cause the cable to resonate. While such resonance is very rare and difficult to achieve, it is possible. The purpose of the above calculator is to provide a tool to estimate the fundamental frequency of SpaceAge Control position transducer cables.

The fundamental frequency of a position transducer cable can change based on the amount of cable exposed to the excitation source and the cable tension which varies according to the displacement of the cable.

The fundamental frequency of most SpaceAge Control position transducer cables is rather high due to 3 factors:

Fundamental frequency and the harmonics associated with that frequency.
Fundamental frequency and the harmonics associated with that frequency.

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